Tips for Developing a Successful Web Site
List out your basic site requirements.

Jot down the things you know you want your site to do. Be sure to include comments and suggestions from other people and surf other sites to get ideas.

Identify and gather all the content you want to use on your site.

This will help plan for the right number of pages and give structure for your site. You will also identify places missing copy and photographs that you will need to gather.

Design a site that integrates with your off-line business.

Since your web site is an extension of your normal place of operations, the design of your site should reflect your standards for quality, style and customer service.

Make your site easy to surf.

Make sure the site you build is presentable on the common browsers in usage and employs basic features most site visitors expect. Large photographs and images can cause your site to load too slowly, so be sure to see how fast the pages load before launching.

Plan for updating your site.

You will want to keep your site as up-to-date as possible. Make sure you have the resources in place to write copy and take photographs. You may also need additional software and tools to help with maintenance.

Develop a plan for promoting your site.

Promote your site by registering with the major search engines, getting listed in directories, trading links, advertising, or starting a newsletter to communicate with customers. Make sure your web address is on your business card future marketing collateral.